Angela Bare Masectomy Charity Work 2022

After starting my business in 2013 I went to south end on sea to do bra fitting while there I met a lady who had undergone breast surgery. We got chatting and I could not believe organisations made a profit from cancer patients especially after going through such a traumatic time. 
We sell our bras are cost price and post out free. We raise money from our Facebook and just giving page. Due to Covid we never promoted the mastectomy work. So with all the tips on our website we bought bras for cancer patients. 
Anyone undergoing surgery in 2022, we will give you your first bra free of charge subject to stock availability so you can be fitted correctly with you prosthesis subject also to funds raised. We only stock Anita Bras non wired. 
We would love to be able to offer everyone a free bra but we rely on donations only and would need at least a million pounds to be able to do it full time. When I win the lottery this will be my priority 
In the meantime I will do by best to try and help as many ladies as possible. Every year I raise thousands of pounds. Sadly £2000 buys around 40 bras which is just a small amount. We do not profit from our mastectomy bras.
Bra fitting is only on Thursday. You also need to book in so phone me 07563184471 or send me a message on here. I run two shops so divide my time 7 days a week between York and Bridlington. I only fit non wired bras now. We can order bras in but taking few extra weeks and there is a cost.