Layaway Option

Layaway Payment Plans explained (including cancelling, returning and paying it off early) and terms and conditions below.

Please read before choosing the option!

 This option can only be used on orders over £79 and not including sale items or promotional prices. Any payment plans created that include these will be cancelled. 

You just have to select the Layaway payment plan available on the cart page. 

You can select you deposit % to pay today, and how many weeks you want to pay-off the balance, in this case 20-90% deposit and up to 6 weeks. You can also change the frequency of your subsequent payments.

You are then taken to Partially's landing page where you can select your deposit amount, payment plan length and frequency of your payments. This is all displayed on the page to so you can see exactly what you will pay and when.

You can view your plan at any time and also change payments and make an extra payment etc at any time. 

Cancelling your payment plan: You can cancel a payment plan order at any time while the payment plan is still ‘pending’. The process involves me refunding cancelling the order. Even if you cancel after you have received the products you refund will be less the ‘cancellation fee’ which is £20 and this is per item.