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Kenji Yabu Lucky Cat

Kenji Yabu Lucky Cat

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KENJI's very own Yabu Party plush made with ultra soft material for a cuddly night in. Handwash Only. Suitable For All Ages. Dimension approx 20cm-25cm

KENJI is an emerging platform that infuses modern Asian culture with a British twist, allowing consumers to socialise, play and shop simultaneously.

Our retail stores provide an immersive shopping experience which is integrated with our virtual presence through the KENJILand mobile app. Our Eastern-inspired ranges include character-based plushies, toys, stationery, fashion, homeware and snacks.

The vision of KENJI is to appeal to modern trends and subcultures by bridging the gap between the real and digital universe, creating an interconnected future where KENJI hosts a plethora of physical and digital services.

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