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Loungefly inside out backpack

Loungefly inside out backpack

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When life gets a little emotionally charged, it’s important to feel things out. The Loungefly Inside Out Control Panel Mini Backpack gives a close-up look at Riley’s inner self. On the backpack’s front zipper pocket, Anger, Disgust, Joy, Sadness, and Fear sit behind a control panel that inspires Riley’s thoughts. Behind the emotions, the internal details of Riley’s mind are revealed. Look closely and you’ll see the Islands of Personality, Long Term Memory, the Train of Thought, Subconsc

Item Number: WDBK2

Category: ANIMATION, BACKPACKS, Inside Out Loungefly, Loungefly Official, Loungefly Sale, Pixar Loungefly, Shop All -

License: PIXAR

Product Type: LF Back


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