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Loungefly 2024

Loungefly 2024 wolverine

Loungefly 2024 wolverine

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Wolverine Loungefly Backpack

“I’m Wolverine. I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.”
This shiny Loungefly collection has mutated into one of the world’s most powerful X-Men!
From the northern wilderness of Canada hails one of the gruffest, most irascible, totally cynical and brooding member of the X-Men ever to grace the team with his presence. Cursed with a berserker fury, the violent mutant known as Wolverine has a reputation of both as an outstanding super hero and as a lethal killer.
On the front, Wolverine’s suit shines with metallic and glitter details while his belt takes shape on the zipper pocket below. Turn the bag around to see details of Wolverine’s suit continue onto the back, where the X-Men logo also makes an appearance. A fierce addition to any outfit, this accessory will keep your belongings safe on your next mission.
Size: 23 x 27 x 12 cm
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