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irregular choice

Irregular choice purse Dr zeuss free uk postage £15

Irregular choice purse Dr zeuss free uk postage £15

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  • Item Code: B193-01-A
  • Brand: Irregular Choice
  • Materials: Polyurethane
  • Colour: White | Red | Blue | Pink
  • Leather: No
  • Season: Autumn/Winter 2020
  • Pattern: Dr Seuss - The Cat In The Hat
  • Dimensions (cm): TBC
  • Fully Lined

Cat With The Coins What do you think the Cat in the Hat keeps inside his hat? The hat is almost as tall as him, so there's plenty of room inside! Perhaps he carries extra games in there. Maybe Thing One and Thing Two sneak away inside there. Maybe that's where he cleans his magic cleaning machine! Or perhaps the inside of his hat is just full of crazy new ideas. Well, you can keep whatever you like in this Cat in the Hat Look At Me Coin Purse, but we suggest keeping coins inside of it! It's made by Irregular Choice and it's definitely our choice for the coolest coin purse! Fun Details This officially licensed coin purse is an amazing piece by Irregular Choice. It's made out of a polyurethane faux leather material and features a brilliant design that's inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss story, The Cat in the Hat. The purse opens with a zipper along the side of the bag and it's small enough to fit in your purse! Just use it to store your change and you'll be ready for any adventure, but don't try fitting Thing One and Thing Two inside. We tried... it's not the best place for that troublesome twosome!

Code: B193-01-A
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